Sacred Heart Parish Center




8:00 AM TO 2:30 PM, MON-FRI

PARISH OFFICE: Rm 104, Nancy Becker

9:00 AM TO 1:00 PM, MON-FRI


8:00 AM TO 4:00 PM, MON-FRI


Sacred Heart Parish Center, located on St Joseph's Lake on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, is a building steeped in tradition. Built in 1919 as the college seminary for the Congregation of the Holy Cross, this building housed generations of the Holy Cross, priests who were influential in the lives of many families. The building reverted to a graduate residence in the late '70s and was then taken over in 1992 by Sacred Heart Parish. 

The hall, then known as "St Joseph Hall," was renovated and became "Sacred Heart Parish Center." In addition to a beautiful chapel, the Center also offers dining facilities that can accommodate up to 200 people, a large meeting room that can be divided into two rooms, six small meeting rooms, and a nursery (see pictures). The Parish opens these rooms to groups wishing to hold receptions, meetings, etc. We do not supply catering services - meals are left up to the groups staying at the hall. Notre Dame catering is preferred for those groups that  need catering services. Arrangements may be made with the manager for those groups requesting an outside caterer. We are not equipped to do personal retreats. Visitors must be affiliated with a function at Notre Dame, while undergraduate and graduates who have guests visiting them must be related.
The building has fifty-eight dorm-style bedrooms on three floors; there is no elevator. These bedrooms have from two to five beds with sinks in each room. We have only three rooms that have their own shower. The parish opens rooms on a per bed per night basis throughout the year to visiting guests. There are men's and women's showers on each floor. We also supply the towels, linens and soap for each room. We do not have any single occupancy rooms during football games. We do have rooms for graduate students, visiting professors and for others doing research at the University for an extended stay during non-football weekends. The few rooms we have with showers are normally used for those staying for a short time. 
All alumni groups wishing to stay at the center must make their arrangements directly with the University Alumni Association for football weekends. Non-football weekends are normally open for visits to the campus.  We do understand, however, that there are times when we may refuse a person's request to stay at the Parish Center.  Each reservation is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
The Center, moreover, is situated within easy walking distance to the spiritual riches of the University of Notre Dames' main campus, including the Grotto and Basilica of the Sacred Heart. We are located off Douglas Road west of Moreau Seminary.
 Directions to the Parish Center (located on Moreau Drive)

EAST (Ironwood) and SOUTH (Twyckenham): Take Douglas Road east from the Twyckenham roundabout to the next roundabout. Follow directions to Moreau Drive (old Douglas Road). Drive west down to the Parish Center parking lot about a half mile. (No access to SR 933 from Moreau Drive)

WEST (SR 933): Turn east onto the new Douglas Road at the traffic light by Toll Road entrance. Bear right at the first and second roundabouts, the first continuing east on Douglas Road, the second heading off onto Moreau Drive (old Douglas Road). Go through the traffic light, and continue west about a half mile, nearly to the end of the road, and turn left into the last drive, where the parking lot for the Parish Center is located.

NORTH (Juniper): Go south on Juniper past the first exit for Douglas Road on the roundabout to the second (left/east) exit for Douglas Road. At the next roundabout, stay in the right lane, and veer right onto Moreau Drive (old Douglas Road). Continue driving west to the Parish Center parking lot, on your left about a half mile.

For further information please contact:
Christina Maciejczyk 574-631-9436. or by email at
or R.D. Brown 574-631-7512, or by e-mail at